Five reasons to buy a VT Chelsea Managed Fund

Buying a diverse portfolio of investments via a single fund has always been popular with our clients.

The award-winning VT Chelsea Managed Funds are designed to suit your needs and we're making them as cost-effective as possible for you to buy.

There are four fully-managed portfolios:

1. Chelsea’s experienced research team looking after your investments

For years, clients have used our fund lists, Viewpoint magazine and EasyISAs to help them invest. The Chelsea research team's Core Selection mixed fund list has outperformed the IA Flexible Investment sector by more than 70% over the past 16 years. See our track record. 

2. A global multi-asset portfolio that is adapted to suit the prevailing environment

If you’ve bought our EasyISAs before, you'll know how convenient it can be to get a diverse portfolio by ticking a single box. The new VT Chelsea Managed Funds are an extension of that service.

3. No need to keep track of myriad investments, everything is housed within one convenient fund

When you've been investing over a number of years, the funds do tend to add up and it can be hard to keep track. These funds give you the diversity without the hassle.

4. Exposure to some investments you might not be able to purchase on your own

Our research team have scoured the market to find the funds and managers we believe offer the best opportunities, including some unusual investments you might not be able to unearth on your own.

5. Access to some cheaper share classes that may not be available to individual investors

We're keeping an eye on costs, because we know it's a top priority for our investors. We'll be able to access some of the underlying funds via cheaper share classes that retail investors can't always buy.

How to invest

Log in and search for the name of the fund you want to buy

Investing is easy and our friendly team are here to help:

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Important information

Data source: FE Analytics. Total returns in sterling for Investment Association Flexible Investment sector versus all aggregated funds in the Chelsea Core Selection, accounting for any funds added or removed within the time period. 01/05/2001–31/01/2017. The Chelsea Core Selection is not managed to the requirements of a regulated UCITS fund. Performance is net of charges for all underlying funds, but investors should be aware it does not include portfolio management or transactional charges, which will be applicable on the VT Chelsea Managed Funds. Past performance is not a guide to future returns.

The VT Chelsea Managed Funds are for investors who prefer to make their own investment decisions, without personal advice.

Valu-Trac Investment Management Limited is the authorised corporate director (ACD) and investment manager of the VT Chelsea Managed Funds. Valu-Trac is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Valu-Trac’s FCA registration is 145168. Chelsea Portfolio Management Services Limited will be the investment adviser for the VT Chelsea Managed Funds.