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The Chelsea FundStore is our fund platform, which is powered by Aegon. The FundStore combines Chelsea's reputation for outstanding service with Aegons' expert administration.

Chelsea and Aegon are separate, regulated companies. Chelsea utilises Aegon, who have the systems, the expertise and the financial backing to safeguard and administer your investments.*

We believe that holding all your investments in one place is the best way to manage your investments. We don’t just recommend FundStore to our clients – it’s where our staff keep their own investments.

Whether you’re starting out with £50 per month into your first ISA, or have a large portfolio, the FundStore is the easiest way to manage your investments.

Benefits of FundStore Membership

  • Lower charges - many funds attract lower charges on FundStore than investing directly
  • 24/7 online access to your FundStore account, via our website, allowing you to monitor you portfolio's performance in minutes
  • Over 2,500 different funds to choose from – just take a look at our Research Centre
  • Buy the VT Chelsea Managed Funds for a complete investment solution
  • Free switching - quickly and easily move your under performing funds
  • More dealing options - online, telephone and by post
  • Valuation statement twice a year
  • Biannual top 400 Fund Review from Chelsea
  • ISA cash facility - If you are unsure where to invest or just want to sit outside the market, you can hold cash within your ISA, then switch into funds at a 0% charge
  • A more flexible ISA – select your own funds, choose funds from our Selection and CoreSelection research tables or choose one of our EasyISA portfolios
  • Income reinvested for free
  • Less paperwork
  • Easier estate planning
  • 0% re-registration charge – best of all, consolidating your investments onto the platform is FREE

Manage your investments online

  • All your investments in one place – view a full breakdown of your portfolio and carry out a Portfolio Scan to see its overall construction
  • Free online dealing – no additional dealing costs (including switching between funds at 0% charge)
  • Monitor performance – keeping track of your portfolio means you're always in control, and it's now even easier with the information available in our Research Centre

Set up a FundStore account today

Register for online access here. You will then be able to log in via our website. 

Don't want to invest online?

No problem. Many clients prefer to deal with us by post or telephone at no extra charge.

  • BY POST - write to Chelsea Financial Services, St James Hall, Moore Park Road, London SW6 2JS
  • BY TELEPHONE - call us on 020 7384 7300, 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

Is there a downside?

  • You will not receive the annual reports for the underlying funds
  • Income payment dates will vary slightly from those of the underlying fund providers
  • You will need to complete a withdrawal form or send in a written instruction to sell your funds. Please note that this process can take 5-10 working days.

*Aegon is the leading investment platform in the UK. It provides systems, expertise and financial backing to successfully safeguard and administer your investments held on the Chelsea FundStore. Aegon is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.