VT Chelsea Managed Funds

For a complete investment solution you might like to consider one of the four award-winning funds designed by the Chelsea in-house research team.

What are the funds?

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When you’re relying on your savings to generate an income, you want to know they’re working hard. A cash account might not cut it. The monthly income fund may be more appealing. Find out more.

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Sometimes, you want a place to park your savings where they have the potential to grow over the long term, but you're not comfortable with the kinds of shorter-term swings you typically get in equity markets. Find out more.


We often talk about finding a work-life balance and that’s a nice way to think about this fund, too. If you want to aim for higher growth than the cautious portfolio, but you’re not really an aggressive investor, the balanced fund seeks to achieve an equilibrium. Find out more.

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The word ‘aggressive’ might initially seem daunting, but  if time is on your side you may want to consider taking a higher level of risk to give yourself the best possible chance of long-term gains. Find out more.

How to invest

Investing is easy and our friendly team are here to help:

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Important information

The VT Chelsea Managed Fund range was launched to offer Chelsea’s clients a one-stop shop to invest as well as giving them access to the Chelsea research team’s most up-to-date investment views and fund preferences. Please remember that the value of investments will fluctuate and returns may be less than the amount originally invested. However, Chelsea does not offer investment advice and cannot say which of these funds, if any, you should invest into. If you are unsure about the suitability of any investment you should seek professional advice.

Valu-Trac Investment Management Limited is the authorised corporate director (ACD) and investment manager of the VT Chelsea Managed Funds. Valu-Trac is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Valu-Trac’s FCA registration is 145168. Chelsea Portfolio Management Services Limited will be the investment adviser for the VT Chelsea Managed Funds.

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