The importance of pricing power with examples from ASML and Novo Nordisk, October 2021

Alistair Wittet, co-manager of Comgest Growth Europe ex UK, discusses a number of key concerns facing markets today: inflation and interest rates [0:29], increased Chinese regulations [4:32] and carbon footprinting a company across its supply chains [7:36]. In this interview we discuss: - the importance of pricing power in today’s market [0:29] - how ASML was able to give guidance through to 2030 [2:04] - the success of Novo Nordisk and a new obesity drug [3:09] - impact of increased Chinese regulations [4:32] with an example on the gaming sector [5:05] - why Chinese consumers have been boycotting Western companies [6:07] - how the fund carbon footprints through the supply chain [7:36]
Published on 28/10/2021 2:30pm