Three reasons investors should look towards emerging markets for growth, May 2023

The attraction of emerging markets has always been that their economies grow faster than those that are already developed. And that is still true today. For example, India has recently surpassed the UK as the 5th largest economy in the world. After a strong start to the year, our interview considers the future for emerging market equities and the opportunity set for investors today.

Rob Brewis, co-manager of Aubrey Global Emerging Markets Opportunities fund, joins us to discuss India’s growth not only from a population perspective, but also as a growing economy, highlighting Indian Pepsi bottler, Varun Beverages as one of the fund’s best performing companies. Rob further explains the impact, or lack thereof, of the SVB and Credit Suisse banking crises on emerging market banks.

We also consider the reopening of China and its influence on the wider market, before finishing with Rob’s views on emerging markets today and three positives for the sector: China’s recovery story, the fastest growing economy in the world, India, and the new opportunities in Mexico and Vietnam as manufacturing moves away from China.

Published on 10/05/2023 10:37am