Investing in US equities: artificial intelligence, Meta and, July 2023

Maneesh Bajaj, manager of the Brown Advisory US Flexible Equity fund, discusses the current economic situation in the US and how companies are faring amid various challenges. While there are concerns such as banking issues, the debt ceiling, mixed data, and high inflation, the markets have remained strong so far. Maneesh acknowledges that there are both optimistic and pessimistic views on the economic outlook, but he leans towards the glass being half full.

We then ask Maneesh his views on the developments in artificial intelligence and whether it has the potential to bring about significant advancements in various sectors, including healthcare and radiology. In terms of specific holdings, we focus on Meta (formerly Facebook) and Overall, Maneesh maintains a longer-term perspective in his investments, taking into account profitability, capital allocation, and the potential impact of emerging technologies like AI.

Published on 19/07/2023 1:36pm