Investing in tomorrow’s technology today, August 2023

In a recent interview with Jeremy Gleeson, manager of the AXA Framlington Global Technology fund, we focus on the multifaceted landscape of investments related to Artificial Intelligence (AI). We acknowledge that while semiconductors play a crucial role in the recent advancements in AI, there is more to the theme. Jeremy highlights the broader scope of AI-related investments, including software services, IT services, semiconductor design and manufacturing, and explains the fund’s exposure to these areas.

We then shift to those trends being overlooked due to the focus on AI, and Jeremy points out the Internet of Things (IoT) as an area that might not receive as much attention, but still contributes significantly to the technology landscape. He explains how IoT devices are becoming smarter, with capabilities to gather data, analyse it, and make decisions based on that information.

The interview wraps up by addressing the impact of broader market trends, with Jeremy touching upon the rise in digital advertising budgets. He notes that the recovery in digital advertising spend is a sign of businesses' growing confidence in the economy and, while not a direct correlation, increased advertising budgets reflect greater optimism about creating revenues through advertising channels.

Published on 30/08/2023 9:34am