Investing in Germany, UK and Russia, February 2021

Ben Griffiths, manager of T. Rowe Price European Smaller Companies Equity talks us through the investment outlook and opportunities in pan-Europe. With a Brexit decision made we found out how it's affected companies [0:40​] and the market [2:00​] before diving into the fund. Ben talks us through opportunities in the UK [3:23​] including computer games [5:07​] and Trainline [10:15​] before moving to emerging Europe [6:20​]. Focusing on Russia [7:03​] in particularly Ben tells us more about the Amazon of Russia [7:30​]. We finish with the funds top holding Shop Apotheke [11:26​] an online pharmacy in Germany and Ben's long term favourite, MIPS [13:15​] a safety technology for helmets.

Published on 23/02/2021 9:46am