Does the value rally have further to go? July 2021

Simon Adler, co-manager of Schroder Global Recovery, sits down with Juliet Schooling Latter to talk about global markets, the value rally and opportunities in this concentrated, unconstrained global value portfolio.

This interview includes:

  • the two things that caused value to be back in favour [0:31]
  • the £1 million question: will it continue? [2:09]
  • what £10k invested into growth vs value in 1926 would give you today [3:26]
  • the diversification of the portfolio [4:49]
  • does energy have further to go? [5:31]
  • is the UK still cheap? [6:51]
  • which markets are producing "rubies in the rubble" [7:28]
  • opportunities in global pharma [8:39]
  • Citizen Watch: what makes a watch company a value investment? [9:35]
Published on 07/07/2021 11:24am