Cash ISA Transfers

Important information

Please remember that the value of investments will fluctuate and returns may be less than the amount originally invested. Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and the ISA and tax rules can change. Whilst we may draw attention to certain investment products, we cannot know which of them, if any, is best for your circumstances and must leave that judgement to you. If you are unsure about the suitability of any investment you should seek professional advice.

Cash ISA rates hit record lows in August 2016. Which raises the question, is the security of a Cash ISA worth the rock-bottom interest rates? Perhaps it is time to consider transferring to an Investment ISA, for free. An increasing number of investors, who are happy to forego the capital security of cash for the potential for higher returns, are transferring their Cash ISAs to Investment ISAs.

What is a Cash ISA Transfer?

Money saved in your Cash ISA can be transferred to your Investment ISA without affecting your current overall annual ISA allowance, as it's already within the ISA wrapper.

Please note: you must not withdraw the money and invest it in your Investment ISA yourself, as the cash will lose its ISA wrapper and it will count against your annual ISA allowance.

How do I transfer my Cash ISA?

If you would like to transfer your Cash ISA into an Investment ISA, simply download a Chelsea FundStore ISA Transfer form from our website or call us for a copy. Please be sure to read and agree to the Chelsea Terms & Conditions, the Terms & Conditions of the Aegon platform and the Key Investor Information Documents before you invest. Once completed, you should post the form to:

Chelsea Financial Services
St James' Hall
Moore Park Road

How long does an ISA transfer take?

The transfer process can take between two and five weeks to complete whilst it is transferred from the bank/building society to your Chelsea FundStore account.