Junior ISAs

The Junior ISA is a version of the long-standing and popular ISA but aimed at parents, guardians and grandparents who wish to save for a child's future. There are some differences, one being the annual contribution, which is £9,000 for this tax year. However, the ISA advantages of no capital gains tax and no further liability to income tax are the same.

Why should you use the Junior ISA allowance?

Act now to protect your child's future. The Junior ISA could be used for university costs, house deposits, a wedding or possibly a car. Alternatively, at the age of 18, the Junior ISA will automatically be rolled into an “adult” ISA and remain invested.

Who is eligible?

Junior ISAs are available for any child who is resident in the UK. If the child already has a Child Trust Fund (CTF), they cannot have a Junior ISA as well, but they can have their CTF investment transferred to the newer product. Click here to download a CTF to Junior ISA transfer form.

How much can I invest?

The current annual limit is £9,000. Contributors can either invest lump sums or make regular monthly savings.

To give you an idea as to how much could be saved on behalf of a child, a monthly contribution of £50, assuming 7% growth per annum, could provide a pot of over £21,000 over 18 years. A monthly contribution of £300 could grow to almost £130,000.


The chart below shows the possible Junior ISA value that could be accumulated, based on the level of contribution and varying potential annual rates of return over 18 years (the amounts do not take into account charges or inflation).


Unsure Where to Invest?

Take a look at our new VT Chelsea Managed Funds for a complete investment solution.

Read our Junior ISA guide for more information.

How do I invest?

If the child is eligible, please complete the Junior ISA Application Form and return it to us, once you have read the Key Investor Information Documents, Terms & Conditions and pre-sale illustration, also available on our Documents page. Please make your cheque payable to Aegon or complete the direct debit mandate if saving monthly.