Who’s your favourite? Most popular fund revealed, as Junior ISA turns six

23 October 2017 - Since Junior ISAs were introduced on 1 November 2011, just under £3.45bn worth of savings have been put aside for more than 2.8 million children*.

The most popular fund choice over the six years, for Chelsea clients investing on behalf of their children or grandchildren, is Rathbone Global Opportunities, pipping Liontrust Special Situations to the post. M&G Global Dividend was in third place.

Rathbone Global Opportunities has returned 142.13% for investors over the period, turning an original £3,600 (the maximum subscription at the time) into £8,716.62**.

The best-performing fund in the top 10 favourites was Marlborough UK Micro Cap Growth, which would have turned a £3,600 investment into a pot of money worth £10,806.99** today.

New VT Chelsea Managed Aggressive already proving popular

The new VT Chelsea Managed Aggressive Growth fund has already proved to be extremely popular among Junior ISA investors and is sixth favourite. The fund is one of a range of four launched exclusively for Chelsea’s clients. The other three funds are: VT Chelsea Managed Balanced Growth (which was 11th favourite), VT Chelsea Managed Cautious and VT Chelsea Managed Income.  

Position Fund Percentage returns** Value of maximum subscription invested****
1 Rathbone Global Opportunities 142.13% £8,716.62
2 Liontrust Special Situations 139.15% £8,609.29
3 M&G Global Dividend 104.26% £7,353.51
4 CF Woodford Equity Income 31.15%*** £4,721.40**
5 Marlborough UK Micro Cap Growth 200.19% £10,806.99
6 VT Chelsea Managed Aggressive Growth N/A N/A
7 M&G Global Emerging Markets 57.18% £5,658.33
8 Schroder Asian Income 112.86% £7,662.93
9 Newton Asian Income 83.33% £6,599.76
10 Marlborough Special Situations 188.09% £10,371.35

Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns. You may not get back the amount originally invested, and tax rules can change over time. Any views expressed do not constitute financial advice.

*Source: HMRC, August 2017. Individual savings accounts, Junior ISA annual subscriptions as reported to HMRC by providers for financial years ending 5 April.

**Source FE Analytics, total returns in sterling from 1 November 2011 to 19 October 2017.

***CF Woodford equity Income was launched on 2 June 2014, so performance figures are from this date to 19 October 2017.

****An original subscription of £3,600 was used for all other funds in the table, as this was the Junior ISA maximum subscription six years ago and when CF Woodford Equity Income was launched. 

Published on 23/10/2017