Merian funds rebranded post-Jupiter merger

15 February 2021 – Jupiter Asset Management has announced that, from today, the Merian funds in its range will be rebranded and renamed Jupiter.
Merian Global Investors was created following a management buyout in June 2018. The business was subsequently purchased by Jupiter Asset Management in 2019. As part of the company’s ‘fresh start’, a new logo has been created along with a new Jupiter website, which also goes live today. The Merian website will be retired.

What is changing?

The names of all but a very small number of Merian-branded funds will change. In the majority of cases, the prefix “Merian” simply becomes “Jupiter,” with the rest of the name remaining as it was previously.

For example, Merian Gold & Silver and Merian UK Specialist Equity, which are both on the Chelsea Selection, are now called Jupiter Gold & Silver and Jupiter UK Specialist Equity.

In order to differentiate the distinctive investment style of its systematic equities team, funds managed by this team will take the prefix “Jupiter Merian” (for example, the Merian North American Equity fund will be renamed as the Jupiter Merian North American Equity fund).

Jupiter’s brand will be refreshed, with updated brand values, a new logo, new corporate colours, and a new visual identity.

Jupiter’s websites will be relaunched (although the URL will remain unchanged) and former Merian websites will be retired. Information on former Merian-branded funds will be available on the new Jupiter websites.

What’s not changing?

ISIN numbers and other fund identifiers will not change, nor will the annual charges.

The fund management teams and investment processes for each fund also remain the same.

What action should investors take?

There is no need for investors to take any action as a result of the name changes. Simply be aware that the names will appear differently on your valuation and trading statements.

Published on 15/02/2021