Liontrust UK Micro Cap fund launches today

9th March 2016 - Liontrust UK Micro Cap fund has launched on the Chelsea FundStore today. Managed by the team behind the highly successful Liontrust Special Situations fund, this new fund will invest in companies with a market capitalisation of less than £150 million at the point of purchase.  

Commenting on the launch, James Yardley, senior research analyst, said: “The fund's Economic Advantage process, which focuses on tangible assets, is grounded in academic fundamentals and has been honed and proven over many years. The process is the same as the Liontrust Special Situations fund, which has been on the Core Selection for some considerable time. We have tremendous confidence in this team and their process and we are very excited about this launch.”

The new fund has already been added to the Chelsea Selection and was profiled on page 30 of the latest edition of Viewpoint magazine.

Published on 09/03/2016