Liontrust buys Neptune and renames funds

1 October 2019 – Liontrust has completed its acquisition of Neptune Investment Management Ltd. 

The Neptune investment team, headed by Robin Geffen and which is now called the Liontrust Global Equity team, has joined Liontrust along with their 19 global, income, regional and emerging markets funds.

 The 19 Neptune funds have been rebranded with immediate effect. The investment process and managers will remain unchanged.

 Commenting on the acquisition, a spokesperson said “It broadens Liontrust's fund range and investment skills predominantly in areas not covered by our current eight investment teams.”

 Most new fund names are simply a change from 'Neptune' to 'Liontrust', with the exception of Neptune Global Income fund which will be called Liontrust Global Dividend to prevent confusion with the existing Liontrust Global Income fund.

New fund names

Previous name New name
Neptune China Liontrust China
Neptune European Opportunities Liontrust European Opportunities
Neptune Global Alpha Liontrust Global Alpha
Neptune Global Equity Liontrust Global Equity
Neptune Global Income Liontrust Global Dividend
Neptune Income Liontrust Income
Neptune India Liontrust India
Neptune Japan Opportunities Liontrust Japan Opportunities
Neptune Latin America Liontrust Latin America
Neptune Russia Liontrust Russia
Neptune UK Mid Cap Liontrust UK Mid Cap
Neptune UK Opportunities Liontrust UK Opportunities
Neptune US Income Liontrust US Income
Neptune US Opportunities Liontrust US Opportunities
Neptune Emerging Markets Liontrust Emerging Markets
Neptune Global Smaller Companies Liontrust Global Smaller Companies
Neptune Global Technology Liontrust Global Technology
Neptune Japan Equity Liontrust Japan Equity
Neptune Balanced Liontrust Balanced



Published on 04/10/2019