Invesco Perpetual to launch Global Distribution fund

19 May 2014 - Invesco Perpetual are launching a Global Distribution fund for retail investors.

The majority of the fund will be invested in global corporate (investment and sub-investment grade) and government bonds, with the remainder (around 40%) in global equities with a focus on dividend growth.

The bond part of the portfolio will be managed by the highly-regarded Paul Causer and Paul Read, who also run the Monthly Income Plus fund, which features on the Chelsea Core Selection. The equity part of the portfolio will be run by the group's global equity income team, headed by Nick Mustoe, their chief investment officer.

The fund is expected to yield approximately 4.5%. Income will be paid monthly and is not guaranteed.

A spokesperson for Invesco said: “Finding opportunities for attractive levels of income and capital growth, without excessive levels of risk, can be difficult in the current environment. Investing in both bonds and equities through a mixed-asset, actively managed fund, is one way of achieving this, whilst giving greater diversification than investing in a single asset class.”

The fund will be available on the Chelsea FundStore on 2nd June 2014.

Published on 19/05/2014