Exclusive lower-cost share class for Chelsea clients in new global income fund

15 November 2017 - As of 20 November, an exclusive lower-cost share class of the Evenlode Global Income will be available to Chelsea investors.

You can download the Key Investor Information Documents here:

To invest in this cheaper share class, please call us in the office on 0207 384 7300.

Evenlode Investment has launched a global income fund and is offering Chelsea clients exclusive access to a lower-cost share class. The ongoing charge is fixed at 0.6%, a reduction of 0.3% on the main share class, saving our clients up to £60* in the first year alone on the fund management fees for a full ISA investment.

The TB Evenlode Global Income fund will invest in a select group of global companies over the long term, with the aim of delivering an attractive yield today, combined with sustainable real dividend growth over time.

The fund will consist of a diverse range of companies that draw their cash flows from differing sources in varied geographies. It will be managed on a day-to-day basis by Evenlode co-founder Ben Peters and by co-manager Chris Elliott, supported by an established team of investment professionals and support staff.

Evenlode Global Income builds on the proven process of the popular and successful UK-focused Evenlode Income fund, which was launched in 2009 and is on the Chelsea Core Selection. It has returned 179.72%** since its inception, beating its sector average and benchmark by more than 66%**.

The new fund will apply the same investment process, which looks for companies with asset-light business models, high barriers to entry and with customers whose purchase decisions are not primarily driven by price. By investing for the long term, at valuations low enough to justify a buy-and-hold position, this approach allows the microeconomics of underlying holdings to play out over time and for fundamental free cash flow growth and dividend growth to drive returns.

*Based on a £20,000 ISA investment into the TB Evenlode Global Income fund.

**Source FE Analytics, 1 October 2009 to 13 November 2017, total returns in sterling compared with the UK All Companies sector average of 113.66% and the UK Equity Income benchmark returns of 113.65% over the same period.

Published on 16/11/2017