Change of name for Premier and Miton funds

27 November 2020 – Having received regulatory approval, funds previously labelled LF Miton and Premier, will be renamed today with the prefix ‘Premier Miton’.

This is to reflect both a change of Authorised Corporate Director for the Miton funds and the name of the new company, Premier Miton Investors, which was formed after the merger of Premier Asset Management Group plc and Miton Group plc in November 2019.

The name changes affect all the funds from the two groups.

For example: LF Miton European Opportunities and LF Miton US Opportunities, which are both on the Chelsea Core Selection and in the Chelsea Aggressive Growth EasyISA, have become Premier Miton European Opportunities and Premier Miton US Opportunities.

Likewise, Premier Pan European Property Share, which is on the Chelsea Selection, has become Premier Miton Pan European Property Share.

There is no change to the investment process of these funds.

Published on 27/11/2020