Change of name for Henderson funds

8 November 2017 - Following the completion of the merger of Janus Capital and Henderson Global Investors at the end of May, the combined company, Janus Henderson, has now announced that it will be renaming all of its funds from Henderson to Janus Henderson from 15 December 2017.

For example, Henderson Strategic Bond, Henderson UK Absolute Return and Henderson Emerging Markets Opportunities funds, which are all on the Chelsea Selection, will change to Janus Henderson Strategic Bond, Janus Henderson UK Absolute Return and Janus Henderson Emerging Markets Opportunities.

At the same time, the company's Global Care range will see changes to its investment objectives and also have the fund names changed for greater investor clarity.

The Henderson Global Care Growth fund will be renamed the Janus Henderson Global Sustainable Equity fund and the Henderson Global Care UK Income fund will become the Janus Henderson Responsible Income fund.

In a letter to investors, the group said: "We feel the 'Global Care' naming convention is no longer helpful to understanding how the funds invest, and could even be confusing to investors.

"The new names include the words 'sustainable' or 'responsible'. We believe these changes make a clearer connection to the funds' investment philosophy, which centres on rewarding corporate sustainability and supporting the development of an environmentally and socially-sustainable global economy."

Published on 08/11/2017