Change of manager for Schroder High Yield Opportunities

17 September 2018 - Schroders has announced that Michael Scott, manager of Schroder High Yield Opportunities fund, which is on the Chelsea Selection, is leaving the company to join Man GLG.

Michael will remain at the company until November, and will be handing over responsibility of the fund to Daniel Pearson and Konstantin Leidman. 

Daniel and Konstantin have been part of the very strong Schroder fixed income team for a number of years and there will be no change to the investment process. 

Commenting on the move Darius McDermott, managing director of Chelsea, said: “The move is a good one for Michael. Man GLG has a renewed focus on the fixed income sector and it is an exciting time for the company. It is obviously a loss for Schroders but they have a very good team in place.

“We will leave the fund on the Chelsea Selection, pending a meeting with the new managers.”

Published on 17/09/2018