Cazenove funds rebranded under the Schroders name

24 March 2014 - Following their acquisition of Cazenove in July 2013, Schroders has today renamed all the Cazenove funds. See all the changes here.

As part of the revamp and merger, Schroders has also streamlined its multi-manager capability. The seven-strong Cazenove range becomes the Schroder range, with Schroders' existing multi-manager portfolios merged into these funds: Schroder MM Managed Portfolio has been merged into the Diversity Tactical fund; the Cautious fund has been merged into Diversity Income and the MM Strategic Balanced fund's assets have been moved into the Diversity Balanced fund. Schroder Corporate Bond has also been merged into UK Corporate Bond.

Old Name New Name
 Cazenove UK Opportunities  Schroder UK Opportunities
 Cazenove European  Schroder European Opportunities
 Cazenove Strategic Bond  Schroder Strategic Credit
 Cazenove UK Growth and Income  Schroder Core UK Equity
 Cazenove UK Smaller Companies*  Schroder UK Dynamic Smaller Companies*
 Cazenove UK Corporate Bond  Schroder UK Corporate Bond
 Cazenove UK Equity Income  Schroder UK Alpha Income
 Cazenove European Income  Schroder European Alpha Income
 Cazenove Managed Portfolio  Schroder MM Managed Portfolio
 Cazenove Absolute UK Dynamic  Schroder Absolute UK Dynamic
 Cazenove UK Absolute Target*  Schroder UK Absolute Target
 Cazenove Multi-Manager Diversity  Schroder MM Diversity
 Cazenove Multi-Manager Global  Schroder MM International
 Cazenove Multi-Manager UK Growth  Schroder MM UK Growth
 Cazenove Diversity Income  Schroder MM Diversity Income
 Cazenove Multi-Manager Diversity Tactical  Schroder MM Diversity Tactical
 Cazenove Multi-Manager Diversity Balanced  Schroder MM Diversity Balanced

*This fund is hard-closed and is not accepting any new investments.


Published on 24/03/2014