Balanced Junior EasyISA fund change notification

4 June 2015 – After careful deliberation, we have decided to replace Newton Asian Income with Elite Rated Schroder Asian Income in the Chelsea Balanced Junior EasyISA.

In May, Jason Pidcock, manager of Newton Asian Income, announced that he would be leaving the company and joining Jupiter. As a result, the fund was removed from the Chelsea Core Selection and the Balanced Junior EasyISA.

Its replacement in the balanced Junior EasyISA, Schroder Asian Income, is Elite Rated by FundCalibre.

Schroder Asian Income gives equity investors access to the higher growth Asian economies, excluding Japan, but including Australia and New Zealand. The manager, Richard Sennitt, joined Schroders in 1993 and has managed this fund since 2001, although the fund has only been in its current form since 2009. He has a wealth of experience managing Asian equities and is supported by Schroders analyst resources, some of whom are based in the region.

Fundamental company analysis, carried out by Schroders sizeable analyst resource, drives stock selection. Valuation and the sustainability of the dividend are important factors. The portfolio typically holds 60-80 stocks.

Juliet Schooling Latter, research director at Chelsea comments: “The investment process is well thought out and has been implemented with diligence and skill. Richard’s experience, combined with the strength and depth of Schroders' analyst team, make this fund stand out. It is a worthy replacement for Newton Asian Income.”

Published on 04/06/2015