AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities manager to retire

30 April 2018 - AXA Framlington have announced that, after 16 years at the helm of the AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities fund, and an asset management career spanning almost four decades, Nigel Thomas is to retire in March next year. Chris St John will be come lead manager on the fund at the end of 2018.

Commenting on the announcement, Darius McDermott, managing director of Chelsea Financial Services, said:

“We have been invested with Nigel for around 20 years and he has delivered very strong returns for our clients. We wish him all the very best in his well-deserved retirement.

“AXA Framlington have demonstrated succession planning at its best. Back in 2013 they named Chris St John as Nigel's successor when he retired and it is he who will take over the reigns of the AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities fund. 

“We've met Chris a number of times over the past four years and hold him in very high regard. As such we are more than happy to maintain a buy rating on this fund during the hand over and when Chris takes over officially in December.” 

Published on 30/04/2018