Artemis UK Growth change of name & manager

4th February 2016 - As announced in June last year, Tim Steer, manager of Artemis UK Growth fund retired at the end of December and Ed Legget, who previously managed the Standard Life Investments UK Equity Unconstrained fund, has taken over the reigns.

With effect from 29th February 2016, the fund will also have its name changed to Artemis UK Select. The fund's objectives will remain the same under the new manager, but Artemis feels the new name will better reflect Ed's approach to achieving those aims.

Investors in the fund need not take any action, but the different name will appear on all statements and on the Chelsea FundStore from the end of February.

Standard Life Investments UK Equity Unconstrained fund was on the Chelsea Selection for a number of years, until Ed announced his resignation from the company last year.

Published on 04/02/2016