The RedZone

Good, independent fund research can really make a difference to an investor's finances, helping to maximise returns over the long term.

However, while choosing the right fund can significantly boost returns, picking the wrong fund can have a devastating effect on your investments too. That's where the Chelsea RedZone comes in.

Chelsea RedZone 

The Chelsea RedZone is statistical analysis which names and shames the worst-performing funds over three years. Each fund in the list has underperformed their sector average for three consecutive discrete years, and has not had a manager change or process change within the last 18 months.

RedZone Title
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The Chelsea DropZone

The Chelsea DropZone lists the worst ten performing funds in the RedZone. They have underperformed their sector averages by the largest amount over the cumulative three-year period.

Position Fund % underperformance from sector average*
1st Close FTSE techMARK -47.87%
2nd Candriam SRI Equity Emerging Markets -42.49%
3rd MFS Meridian Global Energy -39.99%
4th Quilter Investors UK Equity Income II -39.40%
5th Comgest Growth Gem Promising Companies^ -31.96%
6th Guinness Alternative Energy -31.71%
7th GAM Star China Equity -29.37%
8th FP Argonaut European Alpha -26.51%
9th Jupiter UK Growth -26.47%
10th LF Woodford Equity Income -25.33%

*All data sourced from FEAnalytics, 01/01/19

^ The history of this unit/share class has been extended, at FE's discretion, to give a sense of a longer track record of the fund as a whole. 

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. Please note that the RedZone and DropZone do not constitute investment advice. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of any investment you should seek professional advice. An appearance of any fund in these lists is not an indication they should be sold or switched.