Current EIS Offers

As we are execution-only brokers, we reduce the cost of purchasing a EIS by rebating the majority of our commission to increase your investment. Before investing in a EIS please be aware of the risk factors associated with these products, some of which include the following:

The value of EIS investments can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the full amount invested. Furthermore, it would be unwise to purchase an EIS purely for the upfront tax relief and try to sell immediately after the minimum three year holding period. Also there is no secondary market for EIS shares meaning your capital can only be returned once the underlying assets have been sold. Consequently they are very illiquid and not suitable for people with short investment time horizons.

EISs are only suitable for wealthy and sophisticated investors who can afford to take the high level of risk and lock money away for the long term. They should also only represent a small proportion of a diversified portfolio.

If you are interested in investing in any current offers please call 020 7384 7300 and ask to speak to Peter Hicks.

EIS Minimum Subscription Initial Charge Before Discount Discount Securities Note Closing Date 20/21 Tax Year
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