UK income opportunities: from housebuilders and cybersecurity, June 2021

Guido Dacie-Lombardo, co-manager of LF Montanaro UK Income, joins us today to discuss UK dividends, investment opportunities and a few of the fund's holdings.

Topics include:

  • The cutting of dividends last year [0:25] and how smaller companies dividends held up last year [0:47]
  • The outlook for dividends this year [1:14]
  • The strong investment case for Admiral [2:27]
  • What makes Greggs an attractive investment [4:04], including their digital options [4:49]
  • How the portfolio is constructed into two buckets [5:26]
  • The role of housebuilders [6:00] and real estate investment trusts [7:05] in the portfolio
  • A closer look at the fund's top holding: Marshall's [6:32]
  • The appeal of the IT sector and how it fits in the portfolio [7:57]
  • Cybersecurity companies [8:56], power converters [9:16], and digitalisation [9:43]
Published on 22/06/2021 4:42pm