Pembroke VCT - new B Share offer

We are pleased to confirm that Pembroke have a new share offer opening.  Pembroke are who are seeking to raise £20 million, with an over-allotment facility for an additional £20million. Click here for our independent Chelsea research note.

Why Pembroke?

Pembroke are one of the newer VCTs, having launched in 2013. They have a strong emphasis on capital growth and a preference for companies that are already producing profits. Portfolio companies include Second Home, burger chain Five Guys and Alexa Chung’s womenswear range.

Special early-bird Chelsea discount

There is a special early-bird discount of 1.5% in the form of extra shares on the first £10m raised or 30 November (whichever comes first) and 1% thereafter.

Why invest in VCTs?

VCTs can be a good way to access private companies, particularly for clients with tax bills, an appetite for taking on risk and a long-term outlook. VCTs offer 30% tax relief, while any income or dividends that are paid from VCTs are free of income tax. In addition, any gains made within the VCT are free of capital gains tax. Please note that VCTs must be held for at least five years*.

How to invest

Please contact Chelsea for an application form or you can download one here. Please go to the end of the Prospectus, where the application form can be found To benefit from the Chelsea discount, please send all applications to our offices.

You can find out about the other VCTs available for investment here

VCTs and the risks

Please note that tax relief on VCTs is provided for a reason: they invest in small, illiquid, young UK companies and are therefore high-risk investments. Please read the prospectuses carefully before deciding whether an investment is suitable for you. Chelsea does not provide any investment advice.

Published on 12/10/2018