New deputy manager appointed to Invesco Perpetual High Yield fund

25 February 2015 - Invesco Perpetual have announced that they have promoted Asad Bhatti to deputy manager of the Elite Rated Invesco Perpetual High Yield fund. He will join co-heads of fixed interest, Paul Causer and Paul Read in the management of the fund.
The promotion is in recognition of the valuable contribution Invesco feel Asad has made to the fixed interest team over the past decade, playing a key role in generating investment ideas in the high yield bond space.

Paul Causer commented: “Asad has provided the team with high quality and expert analysis for more than a decade and his input has contributed immensely to the success of the fund and the wider fixed interest franchise.”
The Elite Rated Invesco Perpetual High Yield fund has been managed by the current team since June 2001. It moved to the new Investment Association High Yield sector in March 2009 and, since that time, has generated a total return of 170.88%* compared with a sector average of 96.47%.

** Source: Lipper, from 2 March 2009 to end of January 2015.

Published on 25/02/2015