Name changes for Sanditon and Matthews Asia funds

18 December 2019 - Thesis Unit Trust Management Limited have advised that Sanditon Asset Management, who have been acting as investment manager for the TM Sanditon funds, has elected to retire from this service.

CRUX Asset Management Limited (CRUX) have been selected as the replacement investment manager effective from 1 December 2019.

Thesis said: “The decision to appoint CRUX was made after a careful and detailed review of the firm’s expertise, experience, style, strategy and culture.”

The funds have therefore been renamed as follows:

Old Fund Name New Fund Name
TM Sanditon European TM Crux European
TM Sanditon UK TM Crux UK
TM Sanditon UK Select TM Crux UK Select

Matthews Asia changes

In addition, Matthews Asia has changed the name of its flagship fund (which is on the Chelsea Core Selection) from Matthews Asia Pacific Tiger to Matthews Pacific Tiger.

Published on 18/12/2019